SUP Yoga

With Kelsy Wise

Tues & Thurs 11:30am
At SUP Cape May

978 Ocean Dr. Cape May

Between Cape May and Wildwood Crest

Near the Harbor View and H & H Seafood


Summertime in Cape May

with Kelsy Wise

SUP Yoga - Meet us at SUP Cape May and we'll bring you onto the dock for a demo and then we'll launch into the water. We'll enjoy a short paddle out into the secluded waters of the back bay and then drop our "anchors" and get started with our incredible yoga on the water experience. Kelsy has designed her SUP Yoga class specifically to include poses and moves that feel good and are moderately challenging to help strengthen the body while staying away from poses that would cause someone to lose their balance...she wants everyone to stay on the board and enjoy themselves and a relaxing savasana. Then, at the end there is "free time" so people can play around with more challenging poses, jump in the water, take pictures, or just relax on their boards. (1.5 hr)

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8am Beach Yoga with Kelsy 

EVERY MORNING starting Mon, June 17th, 2019

In front of Congress Hall (Congress St) Cape May

$15, $100 for 10, or FREE for guests of Cape Resorts Group

​Towels provided