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Class Descriptions

                           Feel empowered with fitness classes that are FUHN:


      WHPH - Work Hard, Party Hard - Kelsy's FUHN cardio dance party combined with 

                    hand-weight toning exercises, kickboxing, and ending with mat work (1 hr)

                    WHPH classes are held in the Cape May Fitness Center. 

     Yoga - Kelsy's Wise Yoga class designed to give everyone a welcoming, inspiring

                 and super empowering experience (1 hr).

     Aerial Yogalates - Aerial Yogalates is here! Aerial yoga uses fabric "hammocks" suspended from                                      the ceiling to aid in both traditional yoga poses and Pilates exercises, as well                                        as, aerial adaptations. You can achieve greater flexibility, better focus,                                                  increased muscle strength, and the exhilarating feeling of "flying".

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Location Information & Pricing

WF = Wise Fighters and Fitness -

1401 Bayshore Rd - Villas, NJ

Yoga -$10 drop-in or 10 classes for $80

*Aerial Yogalates - $16 drop-in or 5 classes for $70 or 10 for $120 *Advanced registration suggested on  www.mindbodyonline.com

CMFC = Cape May Fitness Center -

3860 Bayshore Rd - North Cape May, NJ

$5 drop-in or free with membership

Wise Life Fitness

Summer 2019 Schedule